Ste. Anne Town Council was recently given an update on how things are progressing for the $13M lagoon expansion and Mayor Yvan St. Vincent says there are some delays. 

“The hope was that it was going to be done by the end of this September,” he says. “But as expected, there were some delays and some issues.” 

St. Vincent is now expecting the project to be completed closer to summer of 2024.

View from Highway 12 looking toward the lagoon construction.Lagoon expansion work can be seen from Highway 12 just south of the Town of Ste. Anne.

“Which is fine,” he adds. “We're not waiting on it with bated breath. So, from an operations point of view, we're still completely functional until it's built. Even if it's late, it's completely fine, but it's going to be a little delayed from what we anticipated.” 

The Ste. Anne lagoon is located directly adjacent to the Seine River Diversion, approximately 2 km southwest of the town centre. It had been constructed in 1978. 


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