The 2nd Niverville Town Council meeting with the newest members was held on Tuesday of this week and it was business as usual, including welcoming several new businesses to town.  

Barkman Cartage requested a Conditional Use Permit to stockpile gravel and landscape material for resale to the public and local businesses at 825 Schultz Avenue, in the Niverville Business District northeast of town.

Russel Barkman was present to answer any questions. He notes they will also be storing machinery like front-end loaders and trucks used to deliver material in the area. The permit was unanimously approved by council.  

And a husband and wife team, well known to the town's residents for their love of food, Nikki and Nick Hagidaikow, also had their Conditional Use Permit approved. They announced that they are opening a Pita Pit in a mini-mall already under construction along Drover’s Run on the west end of Niverville.  

Nikki Hagidaikow says that they are very excited to bring this option to Niverville and area residents. The couple is currently the owners of DQ near the mini-mall where Pita Pit will be located. “We are kind of our own competition. We see the town growing and young families moving in. And we felt like we wanted to provide a healthy option. Plus, we’ll be supporting our community by being involved in fundraising in schools and with the hockey programs.” 

They expect to be in the building by December 1st, then subject to trades and materials, they hope to officially open Pita Pit sometime in March 2023. 

Each councilor heartily raised their hand in a unanimous vote of approval for the permit.  

Mayor Myron Dyck says “We welcome any and all businesses to our community. If there are business owners that believe that there's an opportunity in our community to do something that would be profitable for them and provide a service to the community, obviously that's a great thing, right? So regardless of what it is, we welcome them with open arms. In this case, it is an existing business owner that obviously has seen that this is a place to invest in and is choosing to bring yet another business to town as well. So, we congratulate them for this, and we look forward to their opening.”