An experienced thrift store shopper says you can dress well without breaking the bank. 

Caity Dilts has been shopping at thrift stores for many years. 

“When I started, when I was a lot younger with my grandma, it was purely out of necessity,” she says. “It was affordable and accessible. And lately, it's kind of been more of a sustainable way to shop because by thrifting, I like to think of it as clothes recycling. You're not creating any demand for more clothing and again, it's affordable.” 

One of her favourite thrift store purchases happened in 2014 when she found Taylor Swift Limited-Edition shoes, in perfect condition and in her size. 

Dilts says frequent trips to thrift stores can increase your chances of finding true gems. 


Caity Dilts proves you don't have to break the bank to dress well and shares her love of thrifting on Instagram. Here she gives us some tips.

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“Probably my number one tip is to be consistent, especially if you're looking for something specific. You know the thrift stores; they tend to cycle through new stock and people are always donating. So, it's pretty much new every time you go.” 

Thrifting can be a fun time, especially when you go in it with enough time to make it worth your while, says Dilts. 

“Make sure you have ample time, try everything on and go through everything. It's kind of a sport, it's a fun activity. If you don't go in with too high expectations, you're bound to find something good.” 

Dilts does not find it appealing to try keeping up with trends because they come and go very quickly. 

“You can see that all the time at the thrift store, something that was popular last year and suddenly there's so many of it at the thrift store because it just goes out of style so fast.” 

She documents some of her thrifting trips on social media and has found like-minded people who appreciate learning tips and tricks from someone who has learned a lot over the years. 

“I hear a lot of excitement. I know there's a large community that are also avid thrifters and they're excited to see what you find and look for similar things. And then there are people who are just getting into thrifting. There can be a stigma around thrifting that maybe it's dirty or it's cheap, whatever. And they're getting into it and they're seeing the pieces that I found, and it gets some excited to maybe go out and try it for themselves.” 

-With files from Carly Koop


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