The Hanover Fire Department responded to a three vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 52 and Blatz Road just west of Mitchell Saturday afternoon.

This eastbound van was sideswiped when the westbound pickup truck was pushed into oncoming trafficJohn Schroeder is the District Fire Chief for Station Two in the Hanover Fire Department. He notes the collision happened shortly after 2 P.M.

"A westbound pickup that wanted to make a left turn so it was parked on Highway 52 waiting for traffic to clear when it got rear-ended by another westbound vehicle, pushed into oncoming traffic which was eastbound. So we had three vehicles involved. Two of the drivers were brought to the hospital for observation and no serious injuries as far as we could see."

Schroeder notes modern vehicles, with all their safety equipment and crumple zones, really do save lives. He says this collision could have been a lot worse. He adds it is important to drive defensively and make sure you are aware of what’s happening around you.