Construction has begun on the Bethesda Regional Health Centre Expansion which includes a renal dialysis unit. 

In order to make room for the expansion, more property is needed. 

Southern Health has now gained approval to rezone three RLD residential low-density properties to EI educational and institutional for this exact purpose. 

The properties are 417, 425, and 431 Hospital Street which are just north of Bethesda Place. 429 which is in between these is already owned and rezoned by Bethesda. 

Spokesperson Reynold Peters says this is important for future development. 

“The rezoning of these three properties is part of an offer to purchase, and the offer to purchase for those three properties is contingent upon the rezoning. This is part of a future plan that will be going forward for relocating most of the parking lot at the back of Bethesda Hospital on Hospital St to these further properties further to the north.” 

The rezoning bylaw was approved by city council.