When in need of answers, or during this time of the year, Halloween costume ideas, many turn to Google. 

Google keeps track of trending costume ideas. This year, witches took the top spot, followed by Spider-Man and dinosaurs.  

From the hit drama series “Stranger Things” to cheerleaders and cowboys, the list ranges. Many are even looking to pay tribute to the 80s. 

In need of last-minute costume ideas? Here are the top 15 most-Googled costume ideas this year. 

  1. Witch 

  1. Spider-Man 

  1. Dinosaur 

  1. “Stranger Things” 

  1. Fairy 

  1. Pirate 

  1. Rabbit 

  1. Cheerleader 

  1. Cowboy 

  1. Harley Quinn 

  1. Clown 

  1. Vampire 

  1. “1980s” 

  1. Hocus Pocus 

  1. Pumpkin 

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