The community of Richer is building an interactive historical site and market at Dawson Trail Park.

Dan Guetre, a director with the Richer Community Club, says the site will include an old-style general store, grassland teepees, a red river cart, and a pergola featuring a bronze plaque dedicated to community founders and builders.

“It brings together and shows, both locals and tourists, what the community is made up of; First Nations, Metis, and the settlers,” says Guetre, “so we can educate and entertain with the new structures that are going up.”

The community will also be preparing a time capsule full of memorabilia to be retrieved 50 years from now for the commemoration of the park’s 100th anniversary.

“We’ve approached media to see if we could put something contemporary in there,” shares Guetre. “We’ve approached families and asked kids if they want to write letters to themselves or parents to write letters to their descendants. I mean, it would be pretty amazing to open up a time capsule and have something written by your great-grandfather in there.”

The general store, which Guetre admits might be what he is most excited about, is about three weeks away from being complete, needing just its doors and window shutters. “We can probably turn it into a small canteen with candy and treats for the kids, and then, I don’t know, I might even dress up, put on a bow tie and a striped shirt. Who knows?”