Weather and water conditions are great this summer for floating down the river. 

That is from Timo Stefanishyn, director of Pinawa Float and Paddle. 

“The conditions are better this year than we've ever had despite the fact that maybe volumes are down, and the weather is a little cooler,” he says. “But spectacular conditions right now.” 

Stefanishyn says water levels and water pressure are ideal for some great floating and less paddling. 

He points out that they are not really impacted a lot by the rain and flooding that was experienced along many Manitoba rivers. 

“There’s a bit of a misunderstanding with the water levels on our particular channel,” he says. “So, we don't have the effect of the floodwaters where we actually tube. So, the Winnipeg River is quite high but we're on the other side of control dam. So essentially the water levels don't fluctuate more than say half a foot or a foot from start to finish (for) the year. So, the conditions are pretty consistent and have been for about 70 years.” 

And at Roseau River Park, board member Tammy Derksen says the peak of the floating activity is over, but she adds there is still enough water to enjoy time on the river. 

“Right now, we're still seeing fairly significant activity down the river,” she reports. “People (are) getting into the river up at the Stuartburn bridge and floating or kayaking or canoeing to the park.” 

Derksen says the water level could still go up this summer, depending on rainfall south of the border. 

She adds that while water levels have gone down since last month, there is certainly enough water is still high enough to enjoy the river this month. 

“Last year, I can remember personally kayaking, it was in May, and we were having lower river conditions than we are having now,” Derksen recalls. “So, the river has treated us so well.” 

As for mosquitoes, Stefanishyn says they are not a problem at Pinawa Float and Paddle, while Derksen says a breeze certainly helps keep the bugs away.