There are some fresh new faces representing the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce. 

Having been vice-president for a couple of years, Tracy Gromniski is now stepping into the role of president. 

She says she is excited to take on the role. 

“The Steinbach Chamber is really a passion of mine and that's where I dedicate a lot of my time.” 

Gromniski is taking over from Past President Christine Beaumont. She says working with and serving the Steinbach business community is a real pleasure. 

“Businesses tend to be competitive because obviously, they're doing the same things at the same time and accessing the same customers, but what's unique about Steinbach, and we really saw this through the pandemic, was they band together, and they support each other. They know that there's enough business for everyone and they want everyone to succeed.” 

It is that culture of support that Gromniski wants to encourage. 

“Our role is to make sure everybody knows the right people to support each other and then provide the events to network and meet each other and then provide educational opportunities.” 

In addition to business support, Gromniski says the Chamber of Commerce is also involved in a lot of advocacy work that many people don’t know about. 

“We went to the Doctor's Manitoba event with the Manitoba Chamber so we could advocate for more doctors in the Steinbach area and increased health spending with the government. We do lots of advocacy on immigration so that we can have additional support and funding for the settlement services and all the great programs that Eastman Immigrant Services provides.” 

This is another area that Gromniski is excited to get more involved with. 

Meanwhile, Eugene Warwaruk will step into the role of vice-president. Previously, Wararuk was the chair of the Member Services Committee. He notes that is a role that encourages connection and networking in the Steinbach Business Community. 

“We put on the mentorship event every year, it's a roundtable and we get business owners that come and just share their time and it's very well structured, very well organized, and the attendees get to hear from right from the horse's mouth the challenges they encountered. So, advocacy community and education.” 

Past President Christine Beaumont, Treasurer Doroschuk, Executive Director Tessa Masi, and Operations Manager Dolly Fuchs round out the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee.