This year is the fifth annual pontoon boat parade at St. Malo. Gates Chartiers explains that every year is better than the last, and last year there were a lot of spectators. Some spectators are wanting to join in on the fun, so they are planning to decorate their docks as well. 

Chartiers is hoping to get over 30 boats on the lake this year. 

“It's going to be some pirate ships, hopefully this year and some new newcomers this year as well. Anything that floats kayaks, boats and pontoons. You just get some lights on it then a light up the lake.” 

Chartiers explains that people can take several days to finish decorating, and people are putting as many lights on their boats as they possibly can. 

Light up the lake is taking place this weekend on Saturday, August 13th. They start the parade with some fireworks at 9:30 P.M. and then do a circle of the lake.