Manitoba's weekly report shows feeder steer prices dropped off with the biggest drop of $41.79 recorded for the 401 to 500 pound steers for an average price of $423.21
Feeder heifers also saw a drop in all weight categories other than the 401 to 500 pound girls which saw a price increase of $10.75  to $353

The slaughter cow price also seeing a drop in Manitoba with the average price for D1-D2 's coming in at $132.14 and $112.50 for D3's

In Saskatchewan, feeder steer prices ranged from $486.81 for the 300-400lb weights to $311.38 for the 900+lb category  The largest price increase was seen in the 500-600lb 
weight category, with prices improving $20.83 per cwt over the previous week.   The feeder heifer prices ranged from $437.83 for the 300-400lb to $298.88 for the 800+lb weight category.

The price for Alberta fed steers averaged $233.19 per cwt for the week ending September 15.  A year ago, the fed cattle price averaged $180.79 per cwt for the same week.

Alberta cow prices also dropped last week with D2 slaughter cows down on average $4.89 per cwt from the week prior for an average of $138.61 per cwt. The price of D3 slaughter cows was down $1.31 per cwt over the prior week, ending the week at an average of $127.86 per cwt.

The rail price for non-fed cattle in Alberta ranged between $270.00-275.00 per cwt, down $5.00 per cwt on both ends.