The Taste of Summer Charity BBQ season is starting up, with the first BBQ taking place tomorrow, July 3.  

Every Wednesday from now until the end of August, the community is invited to eat some BBQ and raise money for local organizations. Tomorrow all the funds will go toward Soups On.  

Joy Neufeld with Soups On says they provide two suppers each week, Tuesdays and Fridays, for people living with food insecurities.

“And then we also do a school lunch program that extends into July and August. Just because we turn the page to July doesn't mean the poverty ends, so we keep going.”  

Neufeld says their lunch program has seen a lot of growth in the last six months.  

“The lunch program feeding our children during their school day keeps climbing. It's just booming, it is just huge.”  

As some families have to decide between buying food and paying bills, Neufeld says having a program like this to ease the burden a little for families makes a big difference.  

“It's more than feeding the children, as tremendous as that is, but it eases some stress. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and not knowing how you're going to feed your kids? I mean, that must be just a tremendous heartbreak. It eases them financially, but it also eases them with the stress.”  

Neufeld says every penny raised tomorrow will go toward their lunch program feeding our community’s children.

The Taste of Summer Charity BBQ takes place from 11am-1pm at the corner of Main and Lumber in Steinbach.  

BBQ lunch is $2.00, but feel free to donate more!  

Check out the other charities we are fundraising for this summer down below! 


Taste of Summer Charity BBQ Schedule

July 3 - Soups On

July 10 - Trailblazers Life Choices

July 17 - Steinbach YFC

July 24 - Headway

July 31 - Agape House

August 7 - South East Cancer Support Services

August 14 - Wildlife Haven Rehab

August 21 - Steinbach Family Resource Centre

August 28 - Eastman Special Olympics


With files from Dave Anthony