The Mayor for Tache says construction activity is continuing non-stop in his municipality.

From January 1st through June 30th of this year, the municipality issued 109 permits compared to 137 during the same period a year ago. However, the total project cost for 2022 is $31.3 million, well ahead of the $21.5 million through the same period in 2021. Justin Bohemier explains why that is. 

"This year we are definitely seeing an increase in multi-family," notes Bohemier. 

So far in 2022, there have been 10 permits for multi-family dwellings, compared to four in 2021.

By comparison, 2021 had 44 single-family dwellings, as opposed to 34 in 2022.

Bohemier says the multi-family dwellings are largely going up in Landmark and Lorette, though there is construction happening throughout Tache. He notes they are witnessing growth in the rural area as well, including Ste. Genevieve and Linden.

According to Bohemier, all the rural municipalities surrounding Winnipeg seem to be experiencing growth right now. 

"A lot of people see the value of moving to our municipality," he notes. "And they love the country living, they love the feeling of it and you know what, that's kind of what people want these days."

But, Bohemier says the Rural Municipality of Tache wants to make sure growth is happening at a reasonable speed. 

"We definitely don't want to go too aggressive, so we want to see these numbers in a way that we can manage it properly," he says. "We don't want to do any developments that are going to hinder or harm any other residents. We want to be able to include these into our RM and be able to manage them properly."