The Ste. Anne Public Library is moving into fall programming after a successful Summer Reading Program which saw 53 children participate. 

"We had a wonderful donation by the founding librarian’s family, the Fortin family, and with that we bought the grand prize which was a KoboNia,” says librarian Shannon Lenton. “Sara Crevier is our grand prize winner.” 

Now, they are focusing on fall programming. Lenton says they did some brainstorming this month to collect some ideas for new programs during the fall and winter months. 

"I was talking amongst my board about starting a book club,” she says. “The evening librarian, she speaks French, and she was thinking about starting a book club in French.” 

Lenton says they also want to find out if there is interest in a weekly Games Night for teens and pre-teens. 

"Every few months I try to put a little bit of money together to try and purchase another board game,” she says. “I don’t know how much I’m going to purchase.” 

A collection of board games is underway so they will be ready to start Games Night if enough people are interested. 

"Catan is a very expensive game and not a lot of kids have the opportunity to play it because it is so expensive,” Lenton says. “So that was one of them that I had put aside in my budget to purchase. And Battleship was another one that I purchased.” 

She notes they do have access to additional board games if needed. 

Contact the Ste. Anne Library for more details and to let them know what type of programs you are interested in.