Some key changes are happening for Steinbach’s annual summer festival which has now achieved the status of a non-profit, charitable organization.  

Board chairperson Audrey Harder says this means they can now access federal and provincial grants, which they could not do while it was operating under the umbrella of the City of Steinbach. 

And it means the festival cannot become a money-maker. 

“Our goal is to try to zero out at the end of the year,” Harder says, noting that they need to make sure that the costs are covered. 

“The big change is going to be our fiscal responsibility,” she notes. “It is a little different, we have to manage that a little more because the city has been doing that for us. So, it also means that people will have a little bit of a different look to what our fund raising will look like.” 

The change in status also means all the money that comes into Summer in the City will stay within the event. 

"So, every year is really dependent on the previous year as far as income and expenses go,” she explains. “So, if there is money left over that we can look at getting a bigger act, then we can do that.” 

With this change, receipts will be issued for charitable donations that can be claimed on your income tax. 

Harder says that having a non-profit charitable status really opens up the door for everyone to have greater involvement in all aspects of the festival. 

“And as people are donating and becoming part of the organization, they also become a member of our organization,” she explains. “So, any donor, any sponsor, anybody who is a volunteer, they become a member and they can come and join us at our annual general meeting which is usually going to be held in September. And they can vote and hear what's going on and look at our financial pieces, see what's happening. So, they are now a part of an organization.”