A golf fundraiser was held on September 15th in support of Kelly Wiens who continues to battle cancer. 

The family has been blown away by the generosity and support from across Southeastern Manitoba. 

“It's incredible to see the people from the sports community, work community, church community and family," Wiens says. "It's just an incredibly humbling experience.” 

He goes on to say it was a fun day to reconnect with people and reminisce. 

“It's fun talking about old war wounds from each other from the hockey days. To see them out here, it just goes to speak to just the type of people that are out here today, just friends that were once competitors," Wiens says. "It's bigger than a game, and a day like this sure shows it.” 

While a final tally is not available, Steinbach Online is told that thousands of dollars was raised through the event.

Wiens says this money will be helpful with treatment and travel costs, and he is grateful to everybody who came out to support their family. 

“Everybody is walking in a pair of shoes and has their own struggles, and it's just awesome to see people come alongside our family as we walk in ours.”