Residents of southeastern Manitoba will get a chance this week to write a personal Diamond Jubilee message to Queen Elizabeth II. A display, including the Diamond Jubilee Celebration book, has been circulating among Manitoba communities since early February and will be unveiled at Steinbach City Hall Wednesday.

Mayor Chris Goertzen explains, "60 years for a Monarch is out of the ordinary in itself so city hall, together with (MLA) Kelvin Goertzen's office, has chosen to have the Book of Congratulations at city hall for people to sign and it will be sent off to the Queen."

There will be a small ceremony at city hall at 10:00 a.m. where the Celebration Book will be unveiled.

Goertzen notes, "We also have a close history in Steinbach with the Queen herself in that she came to visit in the late 60's. That was before my time, obviously, but we have pictures at city hall(above) of her visit and some great pictures of young girls giving her flowers and so we have a small connection in that way as well."

Painting of the Queen at city hall