The City of Steinbach will begin rolling out new recycling totes next week. 

With the shift from Eastman Recycling Services to Bristol Hauling, the city is moving to recycling totes that can be used with an automated collection system. 

Eldon Wallman, Solid Waste Manager with the City of Steinbach, says the first collection day with the new system is Thursday, December 8th which is garbage and recycling day 5. 

“From Wednesday, November 30th, every afternoon we are going out there and we are dropping carts off and hopefully we can get the whole town done. There are about 6,000 residences or so that we need to drop these bins off at and hopefully we can get them done in five or six days before this all starts.” 

Wallman adds residents do not need to be home to collect their new recycling carts. 

“We will leave them right at the end of the driveway where we would like you to place them on your garbage day and recycling day. That is where we will place them so you will see exactly how they should be. The rest of the information is all in the pamphlets that everyone got in the last day or two in the mail.” 

A huge stack of recycling carts is in the background and in the foreground, crews complete the assembly processCity of Steinbach crews have been busy assembling the new recycling carts

Other blue boxes and bins, even those previously provided by the City, will no longer be serviced beginning December 8, 2022. 

Wallman says this is positive progress for the city, adding “the automated cart-based system is very clean and efficient, and we hopefully won’t see as much recycling blowing around in the community on the windier days because each residence will now have a standardized cart for their use.”  

Each recycling cart has a unique registration number and will be assigned to a specific property. If residents move, the cart must stay with the property. Residents are encouraged to take care of their new carts as the costs for broken or damaged or missing carts will be charged to the property due to negligence.

Each residence will get one cart that the city has purchased, however, additional carts will be available for a fee of $120 per year. All carts will remain the property of the City of Steinbach. 

The City of Steinbach would like to thank Eastman Recycling Services for providing recycling collection services to the City for the past several years.