Many Steinbach residents have noticed the smell of smoke and intermittent haze Thursday afternoon. 

Sara Hoffman is a Meteorologist with Environment Canada. She says they don’t believe this is a widespread issue in Manitoba. 

"We're unable to see any smoke reported on any of our sensors in the province. Our closest sensors would come from Winnipeg though so nothing is getting picked up on there. We do know that there is a pretty good breeze from the south-southwest at about 20 kilometres per hour so that can [bring] something from the south if there were a local fire.” 

This theory is backed up by reports that a farmer is burning an entire row of trees near Pansy, south of Steinbach. 

With that in mind, Hoffman notes we shouldn’t expect widespread smoke for any lengthy period of time. She notes, this is not like the smoke we experienced in the summer of 2021 that lasted for days and weeks on end.