In celebration of Pride Month, the Steinbach Pride Board is dedicated to provide safe spaces in the community throughout June to create an inclusive environment for all. 

Chris Plett from the Steinbach Pride Board says there is a huge need for safe spaces in Steinbach and the Southeast. 

“We don't have a set aside brick and mortar establishment where people can be who they want to be.” 

Plett says people should be able to be themselves everywhere and feel safe doing so. 

“So us and a few other organizations here in town are creating these safe spaces for people. And that's really what this is, it's an opportunity for us to create that space in a large event.” 

Tammie Martens from the Steinbach Pride Board says many of the people who attend the rally and the march are not necessary LGBTQ+ themselves, but are allies, so you can still come even if you are not ‘out’ yet. 

“You could be coming to that event as a supporter, as an ally, as someone who's curious, as someone who's looking for support themselves. You're not branded as anything, so that shouldn't stop anyone from coming down and seeing what it's all about.” 

She also assures that as a safe space, you can talk to them in confidentiality. 

“As far as any conversation that you have with Steinbach Pride or in any of the events that we have throughout the community, the whole point of us being there is so that you have someone to speak to in confidentiality,” she says. “So in that nature, anytime you do reach out to us, it is in confidentiality, we are just there for support and for information.” 

Martens emphasizes these spaces and events are not just for LGBTQ+ members, and allies should not worry about ‘taking up space,’ 

“We could have a million people in Steinbach, we wouldn't fit them, but we would take them and accept them because the more support, the more love.” 

Plett says there are 20 pride organizations in Manitoba alone, and you could fill up every single weekend with a pride event this month if you wanted to. 

“Winnipeg is this next weekend, Brandon is the weekend after, we are coming up shortly after that. And then I know that the Altona Pembina Valley is going to have theirs coming up soon too.” 

Martens adds you can feel the positive energy when you walk into a safe space. 

“If you do come down to any of these events, especially if you come down to our rally and march, the overwhelming emotion and support that you can literally feel in your body is from those people being there.” 

Martens says the pride events in Steinbach will kick-off with trivia night at The Public. 

“So we've partnered with them. They've invited us down for their trivia nights and actually extended us an extra day, so we have June 7th and June 8th where we're going to go down there” 

She says you can still have a great time even if you have never done trivia before or don’t have extensive pride knowledge. 

“It's just an inclusive, safe place to have a trivia night and an event for the community.” 

You need to register ahead of time, which you can do at 

Trivia night will be teams of four and $10 per person. 

“There are prizes throughout the night, and then there's also a monetary prize for the winner as well.” 

They will also be walking in the Winnipeg Pride Parade on Sunday, June 4th and they will be at Summer in the City. 

She says they will have a booth available at both events for anyone who wants to chat.

"So whether you're looking for inclusivity or acceptance, or maybe you have questions, maybe you just want to learn a little bit more about what we do and who we support then you can come visit us there.” 

Plett says the Pride Rally and March will be at the end of the month on Sunday, June 25th. 

“It will be at 1:00pm, so if you're going to one of your services Sunday morning, we set it up so that you can still come and attend the march afterward.” 

He notes they are currently waiting on the city to give them an okay as to the exact route for the march this year, but they should find out in the next few days.  

Plett says they are also adding vendors this year, so if you are a vendor and you're interested, just reach out to them on social media or at” 

“If you're a food truck and you're interested, we've added that option as well, come join us on the street there. And we're always looking for volunteers."

He notes as these events are not free, they’re always looking for sponsorships. 

Plett says if you want to sign up to be a vendor, a food truck, a volunteer, a sponsor, or if you just want to chat, it’s as simple as reaching out. 


With files from Corny Rempel and Dave Anthony