If Steinbach City Council gets its wish, engine retarder brakes will soon be banned within city limits.
Councillor Bill Hiebert made a motion last council meeting requesting signage go up which would outlaw the use of these brakes. 

"I've had a couple of citizens south of Steinbach complaining about engine brake noise early mornings, late nights," is how Hiebert introduced the topic. "And just wondering if there is any way we can address that."

Hiebert questioned Administration whether there would be a way of putting the necessary signage in place to alert truck drivers. 

City Administration informed Council that it has two options to try and achieve this. Because the signs would be placed along a provincial highway, approval would need to come from Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI). One option is to ask Administration to look into the matter and come back with a recommendation. The second option is for Council to go directly to MTI. 

"I think we should go ahead with the resolution to get something done to bring this to MTI," suggested Hiebert. "My resolution is that we approach MTI to put up signage regarding engine brakes, not to be allowed any time, morning or night or during the day for trucks coming into our community."

Councillor Jac Siemens followed that up with a friendly amendment, asking for the signage to go up on the four highway entrances into Steinbach. 

"That should be part of the resolution that all four highways coming into Steinbach should have signage from Manitoba highways on no Jake Brakes," says Siemens.

The motion found the support of Council.

"I have also had complaints from people living on the south side of Steinbach," notes Siemens. "So this has been mentioned before, so I wholeheartedly agree with this that we move forward with it."

"I do believe it's a good idea to not have these engine retarder brakes being used in the community," adds Mayor Earl Funk. "So I will support this motion as well."