The Steinbach Curling Club is applying for a grant of up to $17,242 from the provincial government to replace their carpet and buy junior curling stones. 

They requested Steinbach City Council's consent as it was necessary for their application, and council approved it. 

Councillor Jac Siemens says it’s great that the club wants to purchase junior curling stones through the grant. 

“In order to have success in any organization, especially curling, you need to have a strong junior program, so this will help them towards that.” 

Councillor Bill Hiebert adds that it’s great Steinbach has a curling club, and that they are trying to build it. 

“To see people involved in sport in the community is so valuable, and I think the curling club is one of those associations, so I do support that.” 

The Steinbach Curling Club applied for the provincial grant under the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community program.