A couple from Steinbach is getting used to being at home again after spending three months travelling approximately 16,000 kilometres. 

Abbigail Fehr says she and her husband Daniel saved their money for three years, then quit their jobs, bought a pop-up trailer and hit the road. 

“On our way to Mexico, we went skiing in Salt Lake City and they had record snowfall, so that was an awesome experience,” she recalls. “And then in Mexico, honestly, just being on the water, we had our dog with us, so having this prairie dog see mountains and the ocean for the first time was pretty cool. We went surfing and he went on the surfboard with us. We went standup paddle boarding; we did some snorkeling.” 

Their initial plan was to head out on a bus and spend a year on the road, travelling the continent. 

Fehr says they made some adjustments to accommodate their budget, as well as her husband's height. 

“We realized that my husband is too tall to really have a VW bus be an option, and that it is a lot more expensive to be out than we thought.” 

Determined to go on a lengthy trip, the couple made some changes to their expectations and came up with something great. 

“You can do so much on such a small budget if you are willing to live life not quite as much on the luxury side, right? If you're willing to stay in kind of gross little campgrounds every once in a while, and make your own food in your camper instead of going out, right? If you get away from sort of the all-inclusive glamorous mindset, then it's totally attainable.” 

Fehr says that while there were so many highlights from their journey, there was one experience that took her breath away. 

“Probably in Mexico, my favorite experience was when we got to go grey whale watching and grey whales actually came up to our boat and wanted us to pet them, which was just an insane experience.” 

Fehr says they found themselves to be more present, in the moment, during their trip. Just the same, they did take a few photos to go along with their memories.

-With files from Carly Koop 


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