Later this spring, Park Road West will be rebuilt and paved to service the new Langill Farm development to the North.    

Five bids were received through the tendering process, and tender was awarded to Friesen Hauling Ltd, which was the low bid at $1,970,097. 

Councillor Susan Penner says this is a really important project, as it will make all of Park Rd. to Industrial Rd. completely paved.   

“If we wouldn't approve this, what it would essentially mean is that Park Road West would not be paved all the way to Industrial Rd. which is also paved,” she says. “So you'd have a piece of Park Rd. paved, some gravel, and then Industrial Rd.”  

She believes residents will be very pleased to have the road paved.  

"A project like this... if we wouldn't do it, we would probably hear a lot about it, that there would be this piece of gravel. But the fact that we can be proactive and get this done now, I think it's the right decision,” she says. “This is an important project to see those two roads connected so there's pavement the entire way.”  

Councillor Bill Hiebert adds that this will be concrete, so weight restrictions won’t be an issue.  

“This is going to be a great bypass when we do the intersection at #12 and Loewen Blvd. so I think it's going to serve a purpose in a big, big way."  

Mayor Earl Funk says he’s had meetings in his office about this road.  

“There's been many requests to pave this road and I think we're doing the right thing. There's 260 meters that is left. We're just going to hard surface it all the way to Industrial Rd.”  

He believes it's going to draw a lot of traffic that way.  

“This is going to give another way to go North in our community and tie us up into the commercial area.”