Steinbach had their team compete for the first time ever in the annual Filipino Basketball Association of North America tournament. There were 18 divisions starting from 9 years old to 55 years old. 

They compete in the second highest division, and for the tournament they sent a selection of their best players.  

Spokesperson Abram Razon says they did extremely well for coming from a small community.  

“We had one team only representing Steinbach compared to every city having a team for each division. But yeah, it was a lot of fun and we got to compete against 14 other teams and the highlight of our tournament was definitely beating Toronto. Which is, you know, a much bigger city obviously than Steinbach.” 

Razon says he has been to the tournament six times now, but always representing Winnipeg. He’s looking forward to bringing more Steinbach teams into the tournament next year. 

“Now that our basketball community here is fast growing since we have also rebranded to Prairie Basketball League. But it's only the beginning of what we have hoped to be an annual thing, and we're looking to bring even more teams next year with kids and other people.” 

Since their league has rebranded to Prairie Basketball League it’s now open to everyone. They’re hoping to have six divisions this year and are expecting 30 teams in total. 

They're hoping to get it started in late November, and it'll run all throughout winter. If you are interested in joining message Prairie Basketball League on Instagram or Facebook.