The Steinbach Auto Dealers are excited to see what 2023 brings. 

Kent Ledingham from the Steinbach Auto Dealers says one good thing heading into the new year is that inventory is starting to pick up. 

“The inventories are improving with most of the manufacturers.” 

He says that EVs (electric vehicles) should start arriving by the end of the year on most lots, as most manufacturers are getting into that.  

“Some are already getting them, so the changes to the industry are coming. So we're looking forward to that.” 

With more EVs being made and sold, Ledingham also expects more charging stations to be built in the Southeast. 

"I think that will be coming shortly. All the manufacturers will be requiring their dealers to put chargers on their lots.”  

He says that when you sell EVs, you need to have charging stations.  

“You need to be able to charge them, so some of those would be available for public use, and some maybe just for the dealerships,” he says. “But those will be coming shortly I would say.” 

The Steinbach Auto Dealers Association includes Steinbach Dodge, Fairway Ford, Highway Mazda, Ledingham GM, and Harvest Honda.


With files from Corny Rempel