Steinbach Area and Animal Rescue (SAAR) is on an intake freeze, meaning they are no longer able to bring new animals into the rescue under their care. 

Sandra Watson, Volunteer Adoption Coordinator, says the best way that the community can help is to adopt or become a foster. 

“Come down to our adoption centre that's open now at 39 Keating Road in Steinbach. Meet some kittens, perhaps decide to adopt one or two kittens, or sign up to become a foster.” 

Another way you can help is to spay and neuter your pets, as more animals in the rescue means less animals they can take in.

They have three cat rooms that people can go in and meet kittens, each room has around five kittens, making for a total of 15 kittens in the new building. 

Two of the rooms are filled with kittens named after Taylor Swift songs from their Taylor Swift litter. 

“Two moms, Taylor and Swift, were found raising two litters of kittens together, just mixed in together, co-parenting. We also have some adorable kittens in our room one from our Charlotte's Web litter.” 

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Between their adoption centre and their fosters, they are at max capacity with around 140 cats currently under the care of SAAR. 

“So it's going to take a lot more than one adoption to lift the freeze, unfortunately.” 

They have approximately 30 fosters at the moment. 

"We could really use 20 more, but we'll take five if we can get them.” 

The new building, while it is a huge help, doesn't mean that intake freezes are done with. 

Watson says their building is a great place for people to meet the animals and to put a face to the rescue, but they do have limited capacity which they have already hit. 

“Sometimes people drop by with animals, hoping that we operated in a way that they could come by and bring animals to us, but that's just not the case. We wish we could, but the building is already full with adoptable cats, and even our quarantine room has three cats in it right now, so even the quarantine intake room is filled.” 

She notes adopting with SAAR comes with perks like a complimentary vet visit within the first 90 days, as well as 30 days no-fee no-obligation health insurance, and a coupon booklet from PetValu.

They also have supporting vet clinics in Steinbach, Niverville, St. Pierre, Vita, and Winnipeg, which makes it easier for people outside of Steinbach to foster with the rescue.

If you want to drop in and say hi to the kittens, you can find their hours of operation on their social media or their website. 

You can also call them at 204-807-5559 and ask if they are open. 

“It's all run by volunteers, so our schedules aren't full time hours, but we do have a lot of availability to come by.”