Ste. Anne Town Council will not see changes this year to committee appointments. 

Mayor Yvan St. Vincent had some discussion with councillors, to get a good understanding of how they feel about the work they are doing on the community boards. 

“After just one year, everybody was still pretty engaged with their boards and wanted to carry on some of the work they had started,” he says. “So, we pretty much stayed the same.” 

There is a lot of benefit in having a council representative on these committees, St. Vincent notes. 

“These boards can certainly function without a councillor on there, even though for some of them it’s mandated that a councillor must be a member. But in theory, they certainly could function without a council member, but I think then the communication would be lacking between the town and those boards.” 

For the 2024 calendar year, Lyle Davis is appointed as Deputy Mayor and will serve on the Police Board. 

Jeremy Wiens will be on the Bibliothèque Ste. Anne Library Board while Jason Einarson will serve on the board for the Community Development Corporation. 

Cornie Klassen is appointed to the Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District as well as the Pointe-des-Chênes Museum Board. 

St. Vincent serve as a Town Representative to the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities which has members from 15 bilingual municipalities of all sizes throughout the province. 

The mayor will also be the representative to CDEM, the economic development council for Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities.


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