Another week has come and gone and. fingers crossed, we may have crossed over into legitimate spring! Here is a fun look back at some of the good stuff from this last week!

And if you see some good stuff, please tell us about it.  We're always on the hunt for more to share!

Woodlawn School Had An Unforgettable Parade!

Staff at Woodlawn School were missing their students a lot and decided they needed to see some faces! So, they held a parade this week!  Yes...they decorated their cars and some even decorated their faces and drove past the homes of their students!  A parade? Ya....that is GREAT good stuff!



 Woodlawn Students Had an Art Class

Woodlawn school held a parade for their students this week and the students participated in their own way.  It sure looks like school at home included a lot of art classes!  The parade route was FULL of signs for teachers that were full of encouraging and funny messages.  It's clear students love their teachers and miss them a lot!  Art class full of sign making?  Definitely good good stuff!


Introducing.....straight outta Steinbach....THE COLDWELL FAMILY!

Darren and Karla Coldwell and their kids had some fun earlier this spring! They made the most of all the social distancing we're being asked to do and MADE a music video!  Yes...MTV and out!  

Winner Winner...Will Margaret Buy a Chicken Dinner?

We're not sure if Margaret bought a chicken dinner, but we do know she's got a little extra cash in her pocket this week thanks to her winning 50/50 for Kids ticket!  Margaret was the $1000 early bird winner.  She easily won $1000 all because she bought a $5 ticket!  And the cool thing is that her ticket goes back into the draw for next week's early bird draw of another $1000 AND...into the grand prize draw on May 6th.  Be like Margaret and get yourself some tickets!  Getting a phone call saying you won $1000? Ya...pretty obvious that is good stuff! 

Things Are Getting a Little Hairy

It's been a long time...too long for some of us.  I'm talking about our hair.  If you were caught unprepared by the closure of your hair salon you may be getting desperate.  You may be holding the scissors in your hand right now and hitting up YouTube....PUT THE SCISSORS DOWN!  Here are some tips for dealing with COVID hair which we all need and good stuff!

MIX Classroom Of The Month Is Looking Different!

Oh, we're still celebrating MIX classroom of the month, it's just different!  It's happening weekly AND....since your classroom moved to your home...Corny is showing up at your house with the party!  Check out Brinley and Chesney's "party"!  Enter for your chance to win a party right here!  A party at home? Good stuff?  Oh yes IT IS!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs!

We might not be able to have face to face conversations, but we can still communicate!  Check out some of the signs we've seen around this week!  If you see signs we should see, let us know!  Messages of encouragement and hope are always good stuff!