A farmer in the Randolph area says this year could mark a first for them.
Lyle Peters of Henervic Farms says they had hoped to begin harvest today, but the rain will delay their start by a couple of days. That brings us to Wednesday, the last day of August. 

"This is very late," he says. "I don't believe that we have records of a year where we haven't done any combining in August."

Peters says normally by now they have wrapped up their wheat harvest, with a good chunk of canola combined as well.  

This year, Henervic Farms is growing spring wheat, canola, soybeans, sunflowers and corn. 

"The crops are going to be pretty good," he says.

But Peters adds you never know for certain until you get into the field. He says each of their fields has areas of total loss. But, until they get in there for harvest, they do not know if five per cent of that field is wiped out or 25 per cent. 

"I think where it's good, it's pretty good," he adds. "The only issue will be some of the areas that got drowned out from all the large rains."

Peters says starting harvest this late is certainly concerning. He notes with today's technology and machinery capacity, they definitely have the ability to get a lot harvested very quickly. However, Peters says if you can begin harvest on August 5th or 10th, you have that many more days before the snow flies. 

According to Peters, the rain received on Monday will provide no benefit to their wheat and canola fields. He notes the moisture could help the longer season crops, though those fields were certainly not dry yet. 

Looking ahead, Peters says the three things they need right now are sunshine, dry conditions and no frost.