By this time next year, the community of Mitchell might have its own skate park.

Tim Fehr, Co-Chair of the Mitchell and District Community Centre Board says plans are in the works for a 5,200 square foot concrete skate park to be built south of the tennis courts.

The announcement comes less than two years after an 11-year-old boy from Mitchell sent a letter to Hanover Council requesting the skate park.

"If we had a skate park in Mitchell we could just scooter over any time we wanted and not have to wait until our Mom was ready to take us," is what Nixon Penner told Council back then.

, in order to cater to other interests.

"It will benefit all those BMXs, scooters, skateboards," he says. "Even we want to create a section where you could bring small kids in during the day just to push their little scooters."

Fehr admits the project is not a done deal yet, noting there is still a lot of fundraising to finish. He says it is estimated to cost approximately $242,000, in addition to some landscaping once complete. Fehr says the project will likely be paid for through fundraising, grants and with help from the Rural Municipality of Hanover.

"We just accepted the design stage," he says. "We've got a lot of hard work to do in the next year here, fundraising and teaming up as a community with this project."

If all goes according to plan, Fehr says they hope to put shovel in the ground in early 2022 and have it completed in July of next year.

"This is a big project for Mitchell," he says. "We're very excited about it."