Multiple rounds of thunderstorms on Friday, some severe, led to significant rainfall in parts of southern Manitoba. 

The first round rolled through during the early morning hours Friday and was the remnants of what parts of southwestern Manitoba had received Thursday night. 

The main event, for most regions, was late Friday afternoon and evening. The instability, which had been building throughout the day as a warm and humid air-mass built in from North Dakota, provided the fuel for storm development as a front moved through the region. 

Meteorologists were watching the line of storms with quite a bit of interest as those storms were nearly stationary at times. The slow-moving systems led to elevated rainfall totals for those areas. 

The following rainfall totals are for June 24th, and are courtesy of Facebook/Stuartburn-neighbourhood: 

Roseau River – 4 inches (10.16 cm) 

Stuartburn – 3 inches (7.62 cm) 

North of Woodmore – 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) 

The following reports are from the Manitoba Ag Weather Network: 

Rosa – 2.65 inches (6.73 cm) 

St. Adolphe – 1.3 inches (3.31 cm) 

Morris – 1 inch (2.55 cm) 

Richer – 0.85 inches (2.15 cm) 

Steinbach – 0.48 inches (1.21 cm) 

Environment Canada is calling for more rain on Saturday before we get to enjoy a couple days of sunshine. It will warm up on Sunday to around 23 C, and Monday will be another hot one with a high of 28 C.  

Averages for this time of year are 26 C for daytime highs, and 13 C for overnight lows.