Charges have been laid following Tuesday's train derailment in the Rural Municipality of Springfield. 

At approximately 1:55 pm, Manitoba RCMP Traffic Services responded to a collision at a railway crossing on Highway 101.

Police say a train was approaching the crossing when a semi-truck and trailer failed to stop at the rail crossing. The semi-truck and trailer went into the ditch and over the train tracks, damaging them. The oncoming train could not stop in time and derailed when it went over the damaged tracks.

According to RCMP, the driver of the semi, a 69-year-old man who suffered minor injuries, was charged under the Highway Traffic Act with driving carelessly, which carries a fine worth $672. He was also issued a serious offence notice.

Police say the southbound lanes of Highway 101 were closed for several hours while crews worked to clear the derailment. 

Train derailment on Tuesday in the RM of Springfield (RCMP)


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