Wendy Bloomfield is now in her 12th term as trustee for the Seine River School Board

Bloomfield first ran for trustee back in 1983. It started with her opposing the change from half day kindergarten to full day, every other day for kindergarteners. 

"I had gone to the school board of the day and made presentations on behalf of my community, and people started saying, ‘hey, you should run,’” Bloomfield recalls. 

After some consideration, she says it made sense to run for trustee. 

“You can only criticize from afar for so long before you should put your name out there and see what you can do,” says Bloomfield. 

She believes most people, herself included, are motivated to join the school board with hopes of changing things related to one or two single issues. 

And successful candidates are sometimes in for a “rude awakening,” she says, when they realize that they only have one vote. 

“You can bring forward ideas, but you are still only one person,” Bloomfield notes. “It’s your ability to influence the decision-making of the others around the board table that makes you successful or not.” 

Now Bloomfield says she will keep going in this role as long as there is more for her to contribute. 

As she considered whether to run for re-election this time, Bloomfield chose to commit to another four years so that she could support a mostly new senior administration team in the Seine River School Division

Bloomfield was acclaimed this fall, keeping her seat as trustee for Ward One in the SRSD.