The summer months are the busiest time of year for maintenance crews in the Hanover School Division

With classes shut down for summer holidays, this is the perfect time to tackle noisy and necessary projects, explains Superintendent Shelley Amos. 

“Our work doesn’t stop just because school is not in session,” she notes. 

During the month of July, maintenance staff have been focused on giving schools a deep cleaning, making repairs, and getting the floors polished and ready for the new school year. 

Amos expresses great appreciation for the team that has spent much of July working indoors, adding that the summer months are often their hardest and busiest months of the year. She hopes they can enjoy some great weather before this season wraps up and schools reopen.

In around another week, we can expect the final vacancies to be filled in the division. At the end of June, Amos reported that most positions were filled, and hiring would resume this month to complete the staffing teams. 

The Hanover School Division Administration Office is operating on a reduced summer schedule. It is open Monday to Thursday throughout the summer and closed on Fridays. 

School offices will open on August 24th, but Amos says many principals and teachers return to school by mid-August to get everything set up for the new school year. 

Meet the Teacher evening will take place on Tuesday, September 6th and the first day of classes will be Wednesday, September 7th. 

The next Hanover School Board meeting is set for Tuesday, August 30th and is open to the public.