The Steinbach Bible College New Creation Drama team is performing John: His Story throughout southern Manitoba as a fundraiser to bring the same play to Belize.

Director Richard Klassen says this will be a totally new experience for the New Creation team as they would normally end their year with a tour somewhere in Canada. He adds the trip to Belize will be an excellent new mission opportunity.

“We will be working with a number of church groups as well as Belizean Camping Experience and school groups in the country to do workshops and presentations, it will be great for us as a team to stretch us and it will be great for them because there are a number of alumni down in Belize that we can connect with and hopefully support and encourage.”

Klassen says Belize does not have much of a theatre scene so this will be an exploratory trip that could lead to future drama ministry.

Sheila Ginter is a member of the 5-person New Creation drama team. She says John: His Story chronicles the miracles that Jesus performed which John was witness to.

“It is speaking from mostly a humanistic viewpoint. You hear about the centurion who went to Jesus to have his son healed but you don’t hear about the centurion’s wife so you are going to see the different perspectives of the different miracles. Some hilarity involved, some seriousness involved but altogether well rounded to tell the story.”

Klassen says as a fundraiser, they are performing the play in churches around southern Manitoba. He notes they will be performing at the Ridgewood EMC on Sunday, February 4th at 7:00 p.m. He adds though the show is a fundraiser, it is by donation and all are welcome.