Acapella is how the Fall Concert Series will begin in Steinbach with “Those Guys” putting on a show on Thursday, October 6th. 

Wes Rambo is especially excited to be performing in Steinbach. 

“Because that was one of the places that I first started performing, one of the places that I first got my start,” he says. “We're so, so happy to be back on stage and it's something we've all been missing so much.” 

Those Guys has nine members now, but Rambo says it did not start out this way. 

“It actually started as a high school group and then as a college acapella group and then sort of blossomed from there,” he says. “But it's really just a group of guys who were already really close friends, brought in more friends, and eventually just started doing it more and more seriously.” 

Those Guys will put on a concert that is completely acapella. 

“We are going to be playing some of the songs that we have on our most recent album. That was the album At Home, which is the album that we released not knowing that we'd be staying at home for a couple of years right after that because we released it and from March 2020. But that's an album completely composed of covers of Manitoba artists.” 

Rambo says the group had a lot of time during the past couple of years to put together some new arrangements and they are excited to bring something new to the stage along with some old favourites.

A poster with details of Those Guys concert in Steinbach on October 6th.