The executive director for the Steinbach Arts Council says their annual Gala on May 5th was a big success. 

David Klassen notes “The Gala was a real highlight for us this year. The first time coming back together after several years of online or even being cancelled through the pandemic. It was a real treat to bring all of those people into the same room at the same time and celebrate arts and culture.” 

Klassen says there were over 200 people in attendance and the feedback they got was overwhelmingly positive. 

“The entertainment was fresh and a lot of fun with locals. We even involved the audience in a little bit of a karaoke-style sing-along. We had a lot of new little elements in the event itself, we had a cocktail bar, we had some appetizers, and all of those things were a bit fresh and new for us." 

Despite being back in person, Klassen says they kept the annual art auction online. 

“One of our main goals was to continue with the ability to reach outside of our walls. When we bring our guests in, if they are the only ones that can see what is happening and see the artwork and see the prizes, it is restricted. We were able to reach a much broader community by being able to put it online and so it felt like a good fit.” 

Of course, the event is also a fundraiser. Klassen says the numbers are now in and this year’s gala was also a financial success. 

“An event like this is extremely important. It allows us to look at our overall budget for the year, see where we are at, and raise money to fill the gaps in a lot of ways. It is an opportunity for us to bring the community together and show what we do and show where all of these extra funds go.” He adds, “We aim to bring in about $50,000 worth of income and we met our target this year so that was really exciting.” 

Klassen says all of these funds will help the arts council, allowing them to maintain facilities, improve programs, and even provide their instructors will professional development.