Leaf rust (courtesy MAFRI)

The wet start to the growing season and subsequent heat has created near-ideal conditions for disease.

Tannis Neufeld of BASF explains blackleg is showing up in many canola fields.

"Especially on the lower leaves of the plants. Look for round grey lesions on the leaves with a peppering of black spots. Blackleg can really spread by rainsplash and wind," she explains. "The pressure is high this year with all the canola acres and lots of canola seeded on canola."

"Areas that were hit by hail should really be on the lookout for blackleg, because it can enter the plants where they were damaged," says Neufeld.

Sclerotinia pressure is also high.

"Your shoes still get wet when you're scouting at 2 in the afternoon, so there's good pressure there," she says.

In cereals, rust has been found in both winter and spring wheat.

"South winds have brought that up," says Neufeld. Manitoba Agriculture is reporting both leaf and stripe rust have been found in winter wheat.

"It's really great weather for fusarium to develop in cereals as well," she says.