Rosemary Siemens is bringing her Sunday Hymn Serenade program, and her mission to bring back the hymns, to the radio. Sunday, October 1st at 1pm on CFAM Radio 950/AM1250 Radio/CJRB Radio 1220 is the debut of the monthly 15-minute program which will feature Rosemary sharing songs and the stories behind them.

The reach of the online version of Sunday Hymn Serenade has been amazing, with Siemens noting they've had over 100 million views on Facebook and YouTube, with more than 380,000 subscribers.

"The messages we get are just phenomenal, and just how this channel is touching people's lives," shared Siemens. "We never kind of thought we would be a musical ministry, but it's really turned into that."

Those messages and testimonies have come from around the world and from all ages.

"People don't really realize how these hymns are touching all ages," she said. "I got an email from a fourteen year old saying how she was cutting herself, her therapist had told her to find some peaceful music, and she found my "Amazing Grace", and she said how she had never felt such peace over her.”

Siemens has also received messages from much older listeners, too.

"Then we get messages from an 86 year old, who says my church isn't singing hymns anymore, and I can't find them anywhere, thank you for letting me worship authentically how I grew up worshiping," said Siemens. "It's very sad hearing things like that, because a lot of churches have lost singing hymns, and so that's my mission to bring back the hymns. It's really become a full-time ministry, and we're very thankful to God that He's allowed us to do this."

Sunday at 1pm is the debut of "Sunday Hymn Serenade Radio Edition", featuring Rosemary Siemens sharing songs, the stories behind them… and of course, her mission of bringing back the hymns.

And ahead of the debut of the program, Rosemary and her husband Eli Bennett announced they had been nominated for four GMA Canada Covenant Awards . They are:

1. Instrumental Artist of the Year for SaxAndViolin 
2. Musical Collaboration of the Year for "Jesus Loves Me Medley" with Rosemary Siemens and Pacific Voices 
3. Live Music Artist of the Year - Online or In Person - Rosemary Siemens (Sunday Hymn Serenade)
4. Producer of the Year - Eli Bennett (various projects with Rosemary Siemens - Sunday Hymn Serenade)

The 43rd Covenant Awards will take place in Kitchener-Waterloo November 17th and 18th.


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