The R.M. of Ste. Anne has launched a new online option for permit applications. 

Reeve Paul Saindon says the ‘Cloud Permit’ can now be found on the municipality’s website. 

"The little permit that usually gets rubber stamped and is very easily dealt with, you can do them online so that you don't have to go in the office waste a bunch of time filling in simple information like your land description, your name,” he says. 

Saindon says this online application program will really speed up the process. 

"It’s way faster, eliminating an awful lot of staff time to sit and ask really basic questions,” he says, adding that “it doesn't mean that everything goes that way.” 

Complex applications will still require more time. However, with the online application option, the basic permits can be moved along in a shorter period. 

Saindon says they had to make some changes to this process because it was taking too long for all applications to be dealt with. 

“When you apply for a simple permit, you could be on a two to three week waiting period to build a simple deck,” he says. “We just don't want to see that happening because it's inefficient.