Mayor Earl Funk says residents of southeastern Manitoba can express their condolences for the royal family at Steinbach City Hall. 

“We have a book of condolences so you can come and you can write a condolence or a message or wish the royal family your best.” 

Funk says a table and display have been set up inside the city hall lobby, right next to the council chambers. He notes they have the Manitoban and Canadian flags set up alongside photos of Queen Elizabeth II. 

“We actually have a picture of when Queen Elizabeth came to Steinbach and Lisa Epp presented her with a bouquet of roses.” 

This book of condolences is meant for the entire southeast region.

“There are four of these books in the province," notes Funk. "There is one at the Legislature, Winnipeg City Hall, there is one at Brandon City Hall, and one at Steinbach City Hall.” 

Funk adds “Even if you just sign your name, that is good enough. You can pay your last respects to a wonderful monarch. She was such a vibrant woman, even into her elderly years. When you look at how she led through so many things. So many adverse things have happened over the term that she led.” 

The book of condolences will be open to the public at Steinbach City Hall until Tuesday, September 20th. Funk says it will likely then be brought to the English Embassy for the royal family when they visit next.