Red River College has a phenomenal 98% employment rate according to the Regional Manager who notes they had 107 students graduate this summer.

Mary-Ann Shukla says it's something they take pride in along with being able to keep in-touch with the market needs. Shukla adds they consult with the local economy and the local businesses to see what kind of employees are needed.

"For instance, our health care aid program is one that we will suspend for a period of time if we find there is sufficient employment in the region for the current grads we've actually got out there," explains Shukla. "So we've suspended the health care aid program until summer 2016 in an effort to manage the number of people that are in the workforce so we are matching students with employment."

Shukla says she feels ethically and morally they have to be responsible and have employment insurances for students who chose to invest in their education at the Red River College Steinbach Campus.

She notes they have found the types of students Steinbach should be generating are for sales, agriculture, administration in terms of entry level as well as accounting and marketing. She says the needs in the region and growth over the next five years in those areas are tremendous.

When talking about growth Shukla adds there are different areas of job employment they would like to see come to Steinbach.

"One of the projects I have ongoing right now is, we have what we call mobile trades trailers. We're working on getting one of the mobile trades trailers here as an open house event for the community, for employers to see what it is that the college can do and to build some momentum from the students as well, just to peak their interest. That's planned for the end of September, beginning of October."

She says they also have a summer trades camp with Apprenticeship Manitoba this year for students aged 12 and 13 where they can learn electrical skills. Shukla adds she's hoping it will also peak their interest in the field and so they can make a more informed decision about their post-secondary education."

Shukla adds their programming is great for students who want to go straight into the work force or as a stepping stone to furthering one's education.

"In particular the business administration students that are taking the business administration diploma can move those credits into the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and they can move into what is now called certified management accountant." 

She says there are still availabilities in their fall programs as students are making their final decisions about what program they want to study.