RCMP have an increased presence in Birds Hill Provincial Park right now as they search for a suspect in the area. 

At 5:21 PM Sunday evening, RCMP sent out a notice saying officers were searching for three males who abandoned a stolen vehicle in the park and fled on foot. 

Then, at 5:52 PM, police provided an update noting that two of the three individuals associated with the stolen vehicle had been arrested. 

However, officers will continue to have a presence in the park to safely locate the final suspect. 

Anyone attending the park may notice the increased police presence throughout the Birds Hill area as officers continue their search. Police are also stationed at park entrances and exits but are letting people come and go as normal. 

There is not believed to be any safety threat to the public but everyone at the park is encouraged to ensure their car doors are locked and notify police of any suspicious activity. 

The park is covered by the Oakbank RCMP Detachment.