Steinbach R.C.M.P. achieved all their extra goals last year

According to Staff Sgt. Davy Lee, Steinbach R.C.M.P. had a good year.  

Unfortunately, until the crime rate drops to zero, it'll never be good enough.

Lee presented his annual report to Steinbach City Council last week.  In it, he outlined what the detachment was able to achieve in terms of extra enforcement targets.  According to Lee, on top of their day-to-day enforcement duties and calls for service, members set out extra goals each year to increase their impact on the community and help decrease nefarious activity.

Lee says he usually makes a verbal report to council, but took it a step further this time.

"Every year I do present the results, but I do it with Council directly, verbally.  This year, not only did I decide to follow that up, which I did in February, outlining that we are going to be looking at achieving our goals this year, I actually wrote a report on it, just to finalize everything with the numbers as of March 31st."

Lee adds the targets will be bumped up for this next fiscal year.

"The priorities didn't change for the 2011-2012 fiscal annual performance plan, so the priorities remain the same but, we elevated our goals."

So, what exactly are those goals?

"Organized crime and focusing on drugs, property offences, which also includes stolen autos.  We would like to increase our visibility through, whether it be the school liaison position, or what have you.  And finally, is our traffic component with Road Safety Division 2015, targetting impaired drivers and occupant restraints."

He says it's never an easy task to try and accomplish extra goals on top of their regular initiatives but, he says the detachment membership works hard doing so.