In effort to discourage speeding, Manitoba RCMP released details of a July 15 incident.

On that Friday night at 9:15 pm, an RCMP officer was driving east on Highway 23 and observed a vehicle travelling westbound going 185km/hr. The officer pulled onto the shoulder to turn around, and the vehicle sped past the police vehicle, going 211 km/hr.

The speeder slowed as they entered the town of Morris, but increased their speed again with the police in pursuit. The driver attempted to turn onto Highway 75 but hit a curb, damaging the front passenger wheel. The vehicle continued to drive a short distance before eventually stopping for police.

The driver, a 15-year-old male from Winkler without a driver’s licence, was arrested and issued six tickets under the Highway Traffic Act, totalling over $3600. The vehicle was seized and towed.