I happened to be at Providence College a couple of weeks ago to watch some volleyball -- and on the bulletin board in the Student Center was covered in posters of theatre productions in the past. It brought back memories of some great shows I've seen and reminded me of what a strong theatre program exists at Prov. Val Hiebert, who leads the way in the drama program there, stopped by the AM1250 Morning Show today to tell us about their latest production -- on NOW!! "Flowers for Algernon" -- an amazing story of a cognitively challenged man and how a medical procedure changes his life. How? Well, you're going to have to see the show to know the answer to that. Val wouldn't even tell me -- "off the air". The show runs through till Sunday and you can get your tickets at the door or by calling Providence College anytime. Thank you for the visit Val and all the best as you bring another story to life on stage!