The Mayor for Tache is calling it a huge break.

Armand Poirier is referring to the grant announced by the provincial government for the Landmark arena. Through the Building Sustainable Communities program, the Landmark arena is receiving $94,427. 

According to Poirier, the Landmark arena needs its ice condenser replaced. He notes this has a price tag of about $200,000. The grant will cover nearly half that cost. 

"So certainly, welcome news and something that was very necessary on the part of the government to be able to step up and assist us with that," he adds.

Poirier says though this work is necessary, it would have certainly not forced the closure of that arena next season. 

"No, we would not consider closing the doors of the Landmark arena under any circumstance," he assures. "These are regular maintenance issues that come up from time to time."

Poirier says the remaining funds needed to pay for this project will likely come through their recreation reserve, noting they will not need to raise taxes in order to collect that money.

The Landmark arena is one of 428 projects receiving a combined $25 million through the province's Building Sustainable Communities program.