A portion of Road 31E, south of Mitchell has been approved for reconstruction.

Council for the Rural Municipality of Hanover has agreed to reconstruct Road 31E or Centre Street South from Road 34N or Hanover Road to Road 33N. This stretch of gravel road begins two miles south of Mitchell. 

"That road tends to get very rough," explains Hanover Reeve Jim Funk. "And it's a road that needed to be done probably quite some time ago. So we decided we will do that this year."

According to Funk, the project is currently being tendered and so a final cost has yet to be determined. He explains the cost will be covered by the entire municipality and not only those with properties along that stretch. 

Funk is hopeful the work can take place in early summer.

Meanwhile, he says the municipality will likely be doing fewer road projects this summer, as the result of a very aggressive year for capital projects in 2022. 

"We did quite a bit of work last year, so we went over just a bit," he explains. "So we need to just slow down a bit for one year and then continue again for next year."