Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest on Monday, Sept. 19, and some people in Canada will have a paid day off while others will not.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the day would be a federal holiday to mourn the Queen. "Declaring an opportunity for Canadians to mourn on Monday is going to be important," the Prime Minister said at a caucus retreat in New Brunswick.

However, not everyone will get that opportunity. Monday will be a holiday for federal employees and those in federally regulated industries, including banks, airlines and Crown corporations. It will be up to provincial and territorial governments to determine whether they will declare the holiday for other workplaces and schools.

In Manitoba, provincial offices will close but schools and daycares will remain open. The government says it is not a statutory holiday, but a "day of mourning." It will be up to other businesses on how to mark the day.

Saskatchewan is also not having a statutory holiday. It is having "a day in tribute and commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II."

As of early Wednesday morning, Alberta's government still has not announced its plans, including whether schools will be open or not. In B.C. schools are closed as well as all provincial offices. The government there is encouraging private businesses to mark the day in a way that is "appropriate for their employees."

With files from the Canadian Press.